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Depend on yourself for your own happiness


happiness-quotes-wallpaper-5“Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands.
They’ll drop it.
They’ll drop it every time.”
Don’t you think it’s true??
For me I think it is.
Whenever we are dependent on someone for something there are possibilities, probability, chances that we might not get that thing.
So, why we are dependent on someone? Why should we, especially for something example our happiness which is so important for us.
Do you think, the other person would be concerned, worried in the same way for your happiness the way you would have been for it??
Again, possibilities.
Shouldn’t we take step to get over this depending scenario??
This would be seriously great if we could..
After pondering over it, all I have come up with is-
Being selfish is the best way to get over this depending scenario.
Don’t roll your eyes at me now, I know being self-centered isn’t in any way considered fair, moral, ethical, right.
But can’t it be justified, if it is for your own sake without hurting anyone, I’m not asking you to commit a murder. Don’t you think those great scholar’s always pointed out that we should live our life our way.
‘Your time is limited;
Don’t waste it living someone’s else life.”
-Steve jobs
And it’s always said you should be kind, why we shouldn’t be kind to ourselves.
People whom you love are the one who could affect your happiness the most. So, why not love yourself the most, why not make yourself your priority. If this is getting selfish then I think you should.

Okay… next for those who are still not satisfied with my idea of being self-centered.

LOW-EXPECTATION… our expectations are the main reason for our dependence thus hindering our happiness. The moment we start expecting something from someone we started depending on that person for our happiness. So, why not change the pattern, why not start expecting from yourself the most.
Trust me with this idea, you won’t get disappointed.
But after all we are humans, we can’t live detaching ourselves from those we love. The feelings, those emotions build automatically and thus we become dependent on them for our happiness… one way or the other.
Yet again, we can give it a try.


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