When we look at Binary aspects of it, The Nerdy Creed is a website, where you can find serious Nerd topics. Intellectually, “The Nerdy Creed” is an entirely different Universe where one can lose themselves in the world of Knowledge and wisdom.

The Nerdy Creed came into being because I wanted to create something where one can go and just be happy and at the same time learn something out of it. I have been using the Internet for over 16 years and my quest for knowledge just keep on expanding, but every website I visited there was something missing. With The Nerdy Creed, it’s my attempt to fill those voids that I found missing from other people like me.

The Nerdy Creed is established for Intellectual Nerds, Book Lovers, Gameaholics, Entertainment Junkies, Art Lovers and the list is Infinite.

~ Prerna Uppal

[Founder, Developer, and Blogger]

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