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Appa Art Assembly: A shout-out to all the Art & Culture enthusiasts!

“A work of art is a scream of freedom”

– Christo

When the world was not as modern as it is now, it was this the expression of internal bliss and concoctions popularly known as “ART”  that existed in the world. It evolved with the time where once, the only literature of information for anyone was nothing more than these visual drawings on the walls of the caves which proved as a gradual development of humans from being a creature from the stone age to the man of technology. The paradigm shift of art on walls which basically were nothing more than the geometrical shapes to the present day graffiti and canvas art pieces shows the hysteria of our evolution.

AAA 9 (Randolph Correa)

Evolution was later embarked by the upbringing of a movement called ‘Renaissance’ was one of those strong pillars which have been successful to engrave the development of ‘Humans’ in the strong presence of art and its contribution, such is the importance of art in our life. It has the immense power to transport you from one end to another or maybe a different world, which you might start liking.


With the sound and beautiful vision like such and promoting the path of bringing the vast beauty of culture and art altogether Appa Art Assembly, a collaboration between Appa Art Fest and The Mumbai Assembly, was a gathering of artists from diverse backgrounds design, music, theatre, visual arts as well as inter-disciplinary forms. The festival which started on 13th August and is scheduled to end on 15th August has a strong belief in the ethos of bringing blending arts with sustainability and developing community partnership.


At the festival, the artist community has gathered to present creative expressions that explore various themes and issues emerging from our cultural and socio-economic circumstances. The festival will showcase established and emerging artists with works ranging from classical to experimental, engaging talk sessions, experiential workshops, and performances exploring sound art. Over 50 artists will exhibit their work and over 20 artists will engage in workshops and interaction sessions.


We suggest you to pay a must visit if you’re present anywhere around Mumbai. Here are the information regarding the event and venue. The event has already reached to its last performing day, and we suggest you strongly to visit there to get an experience par excellence.

Here is the important information to help you out in planning your visit for “Appa Art Fest” Venue: The Mumbai Assembly,  KCA Hall, 16 Veronica Road, the right after Birdsong Café, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050.

Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/cnf7MMTd5br

Happy Travelling!:)

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