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Feeling low??

Nothing’s wrong in that, we all does at some phase of life. Reason’s can vary but the effect is mutual. We do believe that we belong to the super cool generation and everything should be perfect in our life. We do work for that but suddenly when something gets seriously wrong in our life whether personal or professional, we decides to end up this life as by that time you are completely pissed off.
A break- up could make us feel that life isn’t worthy, our boss fire us and we end up as a loser. Again, cursing this beautiful life given to us by God. Our pessimist part becomes active and comes up with quirky negative suggestions that are enough to make our life more miserable.
All of us alive on this earth and almost each of us is dissatisfied with our lives. We never realize the negative thoughts we are having do create negative vibes around us killing all the positivity.
Life is the only thing which can never ever be okay… all okay!
So, instead of cursing, regretting whatever wrong is happening, why don’t we at least be thankful for what we have. Trust me doesn’t matter at present we have issues that are not working out properly or as we have thought but still there must be so many things in your life that can remind you that yes, you have something good. Life is blissful.
Focus on the good things you have, be thankful for what God has blessed you with. This will all create an aura of positivity and you will attract good things around you, this will give you a better perception and you can deal with the things effectively.
And you will end up being more confident with a positive attitude ready to face the challenges.
Being thankful for what you have in your life doesn’t mean you quit being ambitious and be contended with what you have. This only helps you even making it better as:
• It will save you from becoming an arrogant creature.
• It will work as a reminder that yes, you do are blessed with good things and people in your life that loves you. So, you won’t forget making them smile and saying them they are important for you.
• And during the time when you feel low it will work as an ointment.
So, cheer up, keep smiling and enjoy your life.

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