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How to be a star in your own eyes… #TheNerdyCreed

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Now don’t look at the screen this way. You won’t be a rock star after reading this article but I’m sure you could end up with something great if you gonna try this out.

First of all, this article is for those who live for themselves and please by this I don’t mean being self-centered. All I want to say is those people who don’t live to please others and they actually think that it’s their life.
And one more thing if you are the star in your own eyes, you are the hero of your own then surely the world would see it as commendable. So, here we are ready with the recipe to make you a star:

1. Believe in yourself

Superman, batman, iron man, spider man they are the super heroes and we worshiped them as kids but sad we won’t be blessed with the power to fly or could get our eyes flashing the beams to kill our enemies. But you know one thing which is really great about them; they believe themselves, they have faith in them.
And this is the main ingredient which make them a real hero.
We are only confined by the walls that we have made for ourselves. 
Have faith in yourself, God has blessed you with incredible powers but all you need is to explore yourself.

2. Stop worrying

Worry; this is something really scary and could suck all your positive energy. The time you ever spend in worrying about something is for sure wasted. Worry won’t let you work. So, please stop worrying and you can do this by reminding yourself:
Worry can’t change whatever is going to happen.
So, instead of worrying start working.

3. Don’t give a damn about what others say

Don’t ever get pissed off by what others have said about you. One of the main reason why we get discouraged is we bother about what others say. People always want to talk about something, they keep on criticizing everyone and everything and yeah, they criticize more about one who try to do something which they never even thought off. As Paulo Coelho said:
“Don’t waste your time with explanations,
People only hear what they want to hear.”
And we have got lots of them out there bitching about someone. These people are the most frustrated beings on this planet who can’t do what they want or never got a chance or never tried. So, when someone take a step ahead, they feel an itching sensation and end up criticizing.

4. Put your dreams into action

There is no short cut for success. That sounds absurd to us the super cool generation, is it?? Actually there are but these won’t be stable if you talk in long terms. Smart and hard work would definitely help you but again nothing gonna happen until you really starts working for it. Dream and never let them go off and nothing will change until you put some action in your life, pull your socks up!!
Get set go…

5. Never give up

A certain amount of darkness is required to see the stars.
So, your path won’t be easy. Yeah, you have to get over lots of stumbling blocks but never quit. And the happiness you will feel while achieving what you have worked for, after facing lots of trouble that couldn’t be replaced by any of the worldly pleasure ever existed.

All the best!!

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