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Limits and Satisfaction

Limits and Satisfaction - The Nerdy Creed

In life we often set the limit… Limit for Time to do a Particular Work… Limit of the Sadness we can take before we break… Limit of Happiness we can take before we start believing “it’s too good to be true”… Same is the Limit with Success. What is Your Limit with Success? For better word let’s replace “Limit” with “Satisfaction”… When to be satisfied with your Success… It’s a Question I can never answer to, it’s different for everyone else, But, Can one really be satisfied with one’s success?

My Friend say “I am one of the Persons who can never be satisfied in Life” but is that really a bad thing? Let’s take that in the context of Success. If you are Satisfied with your Success and if there’s no flame left in you for “wanting more”, You will be left as a Robot which is just happy as being a Robot of 1st Generation Robots even when there will be Innovation of 200 more Generations of Robot in Future…

So, Do You want to be the 1st Generation Robot or want to be Futuristic 200th Generation.. I am not saying setting the limit and being satisfied with one’s Success is bad thing… But it’s a Bad thing if you want to JUST STOP THERE! Life goes on and The Clock keeps ticking, Time doesn’t stop for anybody. One should keep setting Goals and keep on overcoming them and then keep setting them again and again…

I know it’s a Tedious Process: Trust me. No I am not talking from Experience but I would like to BELIEVE that when I am all Wrinkly and Old and when I will Look back, I will be Happy with My Stubbornness that I didn’t just set one Goal, Happy that Success wasn’t Just a one Timer for me, Happy that Success came to Me again and again and again and again and Finally, I will be Satisfied with Never being Satisfied.

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Prerna Uppal

Prerna Uppal

21, F, Nerd. Professional Adobe and Autodesk Certified. Artist, Dreamer, Love to Code, Little bit of Photography and Founder of The Nerdy Creed.

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